Water Pipe Leak Detection Techniques Used by Professionals

Water Pipe Leak Detection in Enterprise, CA, by knowledgeable, local plumbersWater leaks cause extensive damage to homes. Finding leaks quickly and making accurate repairs saves homeowners thousands of dollars in structural reconstruction, utility costs, and gives people peace of mind. AtĀ Enterprise Choice Plumbing & Drain, we use a variety of water pipe leak detection techniques to find the smallest, most elusive leaks.

Electronic Leak Detection

Tiny leaks that are located below the foundation of a home may go unnoticed for weeks or months. These leaks can begin in a misaligned section of piping or can be the result of pipe deterioration. Often people don’t realize the problem exists until they find a puddle in their basement or a soft spot in their flooring.

Electronic leak detection is the fastest way to find hidden leaks, often called slab leaks, because it picks up on tiny vibrations below the surface of the foundation. It can also be used to find leaks in pipes installed behind drywall. At Enterprise Choice Plumbing & Drain, we recommend adding electronic leak detection to your preventive maintenance program to find those tiny leaks before they cause widespread damage.

Underground Leak Detection Equipment

Finding a leak quickly keeps repair costs in check. However, spotting potential issues that could lead to leaks in the preferable method. Professional plumbers who use underground leak detection equipment like pipe inspection cameras help homeowners save big. Inspection cameras are mounted onto thin, flexible poles (if you will) that can be inserted into interior and exterior pipes, allowing both the plumber and the homeowner to view the inside of the pipe through a live feed. These cameras can spot potential problems like holes, cracks, misalignment, clogs, tree roots, and other issues that can lead to leaky situations.

Getting ahead of a leak is always the best way to prevent expensive water pipe repair. To learn more about water pipe leak detection in Enterpise, give us a call today!

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