3 Tips to Avoid a Main Line Clog

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Main Line Clog in EnterpriseWhen you think of a clog, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re like many people, you may envision a blocked toilet or a clogged kitchen sink. While these are common plumbing problems, there is another kind of clog that is just as frequent yet often goes unrecognized. This clog is the main line clog. It is also referred to as a sewer line clog. When a home’s sewer system becomes backed up, a whole lot of trouble can follow that is costly to repair and even hazardous to the health of anyone living in the household. Here are some tips for homeowners to avoid a main line clog in Enterprise homes.

Invest in Sewer Drain Cleaning

Cleaning sewer lines on a regular basis can go a long way toward preventing a main line clog that causes massive damage. Enterprise drain cleaning service like the one we offer is designed to clear away waste buildup and even break apart tree roots that have grown into the line. It’s recommended that the average household have sewer drain cleaning service once every three years. In some cases, you may need to have the line cleaned once every year. Your local Enterprise plumber can advise you on the best preventive maintenance schedule for your needs.

Be Careful What You Flush

It’s a common misconception that you can flush anything down the toilet. In fact, there are very few things that you can safely flush other than toilet paper. Items like baby wipes and feminine hygiene products may say on the packaging that they are safe to flush, but that’s not true. Residential plumbing systems are simply not made to accept anything other than toilet paper.

Plant Landscaping 10 Feet or More from Sewer Lines

Before you plant locate your home’s sewer line. Keep plants at least 10 feet (although more is always better) away from the line. Even relatively small trees and bushes can develop large horizontal root bases that can spread out as the years pass. It’s very easy for roots to grow into sewer lines and very expensive to repair.

Call a Local Drain Cleaning Service Today

For more preventive maintenance tips, call your local plumber for drain cleaning service in Enterprise. We’re the top-rated plumbing service in Enterprise, delivering effective and affordable main line clog cleanout 24/7.

Water Pipe Leak Detection Techniques Used by Professionals

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Water Pipe Leak Detection in Enterprise, CA, by knowledgeable, local plumbersWater leaks cause extensive damage to homes. Finding leaks quickly and making accurate repairs saves homeowners thousands of dollars in structural reconstruction, utility costs, and gives people peace of mind. At Enterprise Choice Plumbing & Drain, we use a variety of water pipe leak detection techniques to find the smallest, most elusive leaks.

Electronic Leak Detection

Tiny leaks that are located below the foundation of a home may go unnoticed for weeks or months. These leaks can begin in a misaligned section of piping or can be the result of pipe deterioration. Often people don’t realize the problem exists until they find a puddle in their basement or a soft spot in their flooring.

Electronic leak detection is the fastest way to find hidden leaks, often called slab leaks, because it picks up on tiny vibrations below the surface of the foundation. It can also be used to find leaks in pipes installed behind drywall. At Enterprise Choice Plumbing & Drain, we recommend adding electronic leak detection to your preventive maintenance program to find those tiny leaks before they cause widespread damage.

Underground Leak Detection Equipment

Finding a leak quickly keeps repair costs in check. However, spotting potential issues that could lead to leaks in the preferable method. Professional plumbers who use underground leak detection equipment like pipe inspection cameras help homeowners save big. Inspection cameras are mounted onto thin, flexible poles (if you will) that can be inserted into interior and exterior pipes, allowing both the plumber and the homeowner to view the inside of the pipe through a live feed. These cameras can spot potential problems like holes, cracks, misalignment, clogs, tree roots, and other issues that can lead to leaky situations.

Getting ahead of a leak is always the best way to prevent expensive water pipe repair. To learn more about water pipe leak detection in Enterpise, give us a call today!

Physical vs. Enzyme Drain Cleaning

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Fast-acting drain cleaning in Enterprise by area plumbersWhen it comes to drain cleaning, it is hard to get it right if you are not an expert. At Enterprise Choice Plumbing & Drain, we provide drain cleaning services using effective cleaning agents that will help remove all types of clogs in your drainage system. We are known for providing excellent customer services and quality drain cleaning solutions at pocket friendly rates. We are readily available at any time of day or night.

Why Drain Cleaning Solutions Don’t Always Work

Many homeowners use drain cleaners to clean their drains. Although this drain cleaning method is effective in certain situations, using drain cleaners often provides a temporary fix and is unable to clear drains that have been blocked by solid substances.

Manual Drain Cleaning

When liquid drain cleaners fail to work, physical draining is often used as an alternative. This may involve the use of a plumbing snake to remove the clogs. The trap is first cleaned and then the snake is fed down the pipe. Covering the overflow valve leads to pressure buildup in the sink drains, which displaces or removes the clog. A power auger may also be used to cut through the clog. However, this machine should only be used by trained professionals to unclog pipes. Although some homeowners may decide to remove drain clogs on their own, it is advisable to let a professional handle the problem to prevent further damage to your drainage system.

Regular use of enzyme cultures can also help to keep your drains clear and odor-free. However, avoid mixing drain cleaners because they may react and damage the pipes in your drainage system. Talk to a plumbing expert to help you clear the clogs in your drains. The staff at Enterprise Choice Plumbing & Drain consists of trained professionals with knowledge and training on how to use drain cleaners. We know how to use drain-cleaning agents that will not damage your drainage system.

Our technicians are trained on how to use both physical drain cleaning methods and enzyme drain cleaning agents. Visit our facilities today to learn more about our drain cleaning products.